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Online Counseling Resource Center

The Biblical Couseling Alliance is thrilled about the launch of its counseling online resource center.   Our online resource center is designed to help aid biblical counselors/pastors in their preparation, planning,and practice of biblical discipleship/counseling.  

Members of the Biblical Counseling Alliance will have full access to counseling forms, assessments, powerpoint diagrams, devotionals, and homework.  

Our online resource center will continue to grow with quality material in the days and months ahead in order to be a remarkable reservoir for biblical counselors/pastors to help save time in their preparation, planning, and practice of this biblical skill.   It is our desire that members of the Alliance not only benefit from the material found in the resource center, but also consider contributing to its content as they continue to grow in their discipleship/counseling skills.  Members of the Alliance are encouraged to submit assessments, homework, PowerPoint or pdf Diagrams, or other material they find helpful to our resource director for inclusion to our growing collection of helpful resources.  



In the online resource center you will find a number of helpful forms like a consent to counsel form, counseling policies, notetaking sheets, individual and family devotional journals, food intake journal forms, journal of upsets form and more.  


Assessments are often a helpful tool for gather information from counselees in order to gain a better understanding of areas where they may be experiencing trouble.  In the online resource center a member will find various assessments for Anger, Anxeity, Communication, Depression, Leadership, Marriage, General Spritual assessments, and more.  It is our desire that these assessments will be beneficial in helping a counselor gather specific understanding of those they are helping because every person is unique and struggles in different ways.   

PowerPoint  or PDF Diagrams:

The resource center will also contain a number of helpful PowerPoint and PDF diagrams to be used for discipleship/counseling.  Counselors now have the opportunity to use a second monitor on their desk that will help give visual aids, walk their counselee through biblical passages, or guide them through a PowerPoint Diagram in stages instead of having to use a hand drawn diagram.  In the resource center a member will find various PowerPoints that will walk through different topics, passages, or verses that provide an aide in preparation and delivery of key biblical concepts and principles.  

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Homework plays an integral part in the process of change.  In the resource center a member will find a growing collection of homework assignments that will likely help reinforce principles taught during your discipleship/counseling sessions.  

Focal Point Articles:

The resource center will also contain an ever growing group of articles that will address various topics (Anger, Forgiveness, Worry, Fear etc.) as well as articles concerning Scritpure passages in order to help sharpen the counselor as he points others to the Scripture as God's sufficient manual for Christian growth.  


Specific Devotionals geared toward helping individuals focus on particular topics.
Topics: Heart Devotional, Psalm 121 Devotional, Worry Devotional and more.