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"Speaking the Truth in Love"

Christian Growth Seminar

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Shame and guilt have often been labeled the quiet killer of the soul. It silently destroys our joy, peace, satisfaction, relationships, and close fellowship with Christ. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. Intense feelings of rejection accompanied by humiliation, worthlessness, and remorse begin to shackle us. As this dungeon becomes our dwelling, the light of the Gospel fades into the shadows. Perhaps this shame and guilt is fueled by a painful past, foolish choices, habitual behavior, or even circumstances outside of your control. Whatever it might be, you’re not alone in this struggle and there is hope in Christ! The Biblical Counseling Alliance invites you to its annual Christian Growth Seminar featuring renowned speaker Dr. Ed Welch on Saturday, September 10, 2016. Using God’s Word, Ed will reveal how you can become “UNSHACKLED” and escape this prison of darkness by finding freedom in the all-satisfying person of Christ! We hope to see you there!

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