Biblical Counseling Alliance

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Individual/Church Affirmation Agreement

BCA Purpose Statement:
The Biblical Counseling Alliance exists to promote biblical sufficiency, assist toward certification, facilitate training opportunities, and develop interactive Focus groups to strengthen churches, individuals, and parachurch ministries in the upper Midwest.

- I acknowledge my agreement with the BCA Doctrinal Statement/BCA Purpose Statement.

- I acknowledge that the BCA is not a certifying organization, but will help facilitate and direct in the process toward qualified certifying agencies.

- I acknowledge that I understand that my membership to the BCA affords me the opportunity to enjoy counseling resources produced by the BCA, involvement in BCA interactive focus groups, training opportunities, and networking.

- I acknowledge that annual membership dues are required to maintain your membership with the BCA and by doing so affirms your commitment to the current doctrinal statement.

The individual/church/organzation information will be listed on the BCA Website